Activities of the area

The National Park of Aigüestortes and Estany de Sant Maurici

Aigüestortes and Lake Sant Maurici National Park is one of the fourteen national parks in the Spanish State, and the only one withinCatalonia. The high-mountain landscape has an impressive relief and a wealth of flora and fauna. The main feature of the area is water, with close to 200 lakes and countless streams.

Peaks of more than three thousand meters height; rivers, ravines, waterfalls and marshes which make us truly feel in the land of water; a great diversity of animal and vegetal species that struggle to survive in a harsh environment, all of which give life to this protected natural space, unique in the South of Europe.

Romanesque heritage of Vall de Boí

The Romanesque heritage of Vall de Boí is exceptional due to the existence of many churches of the same architectural style concentrated in such a small area. Until well into the last century the valley remained quite isolated, which prevented the arrival of builders, artists, architects or priests willing to make changes to the original works. Thanks to this fact, these churches have been preserved over time with only minor alterations, meaning that their original conception has hardly changed.

Vall de Boí’s Romanesque ensemble is made up of the churches of Sant Climent and Santa Maria in Taüll, Sant Joan in Boí, Santa Eulàlia in Erill la Vall, Sant Feliu in Barruera, La Nativitat in Durro, Santa Maria in Cardet, L’Assumpció in Cóll, and Sant Quirc Hermitage also in Durro.

Tourist information about the region

Alta Ribagorça qualified as a mountain region with an abrupt relief and beautiful lakes region is ideal for all outdoor sports, both summer and winter.

The region is rich in ancient traditions. An entire region at your service. A paradise where the possibilities are limitless

Les Falles –Ways of fire

Les Falles, recently declared Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity (2015), is the Fire Festival of the Pyrenees.

The candidacy of the fire festival of the summer solstice in the Pyrenees includes 63 parties in the Principality of Aquitaine, in Andorra and Aragon have a common pattern: the main element is fire and made by volts summer solstice.

The descent begins from a high place on the mountain, the lighthouse, visible from the village, which has planted a pine tree are lit on the flaws before beginning the descent.

Fallaires run by the people to purify every corner of evil spirits.

Flames add a touch of magic and charm all around. The sound of bells in the village, spreads, and removes the square cake and wine for everyone.

It’s magic, it’s the party!

MTB- bicycle touring

From the same village of Llesp, you can go on a bike and enjoy the climb to Sarreres (

And, a few kilometers away, you will find different possibilities to go on a mountain bike, from flat paths along the banks of the valley bottom, along paths and forest tracks to more demanding routes through high mountain alpine meadows and pine forests.


The whimsical footprint of the passage of water has shaped, over the years, incredible scenery, close to home, you will find the Barranco de Vivi de Llevata or the Barranco de Erta.

Canyoning is an aquatic activity that combines the different techniques of progression in canyons (aquatic progression without rope, jumps, slides, techniques of progression with rope …), with a small approach on foot and subsequent return to the point of exit.

It lets you know the interior life of the ravines following the flow of water, wildlife, flora, and geological formations that water has been carving millions of years ago on the walls of puddles (ponds, rock chaos ….).


Our fabulous location will allow you, depending on the weather conditions, to choose to ski in Boí-Taüll (15 minutes) and Baqueira Beret (55 minutes).

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